Smokehouse 100% Natural Snack Mix Bucket of Dog Treats, 1 Pound

  • 1-pound bucket of perfectly roasted treats for dogs
  • Mix includes real pork, beef, chicken, and lamb
  • Choose from steer and bull pizzles or beef rolls and beef ligaments
  • Also includes chicken stixs, pepperoni sticks, and pig ears and pork skins
  • High protein dog treats

Product Description
Mix of Real pork, beef, chicken and lamb treats- roasted to perfection. Includes stear and bull pizzles, chicken, beef rolls, beef ligaments, chicken stixs, pepperoni sticks, pig ears and pork skins and more…. More >>

Smokehouse 100% Natural Snack Mix Bucket of Dog Treats, 1 Pound

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5 Responses to “Smokehouse 100% Natural Snack Mix Bucket of Dog Treats, 1 Pound”

  • Beware of this product–I always shop on Amazon and figured why not get my dogs something–well these were cheap and seemed like such a good price for a big supply of treats—and if you are buying dog treats, you know how expensive they can be….well, I don’t have 100% proof that the treats did this to my dog, but the week I was giving these to my lab and to my other dog, a maltese, the lab was getting sick throughout the week–throwing up, etc….I don’t know if he was not eating them properly–maybe he wasn’t chewing them all the way up, but he doesn’t always chew up food and doesn’t throw it up—I don’t know–I hate to blame these treats, but when we stopped giving them to him, he stopped throwing up—so I think something was wrong w/them…..just use caution–a cheap price isn’t all that cheap when your dog gets sick and you spend 3x as much on cleaning products to clean up your house!! My maltese didn’t seem to be bothered by them, but then again he really didn’t eat but maybe one of them—another sign that something must have been wrong w/them as he eats ANYTHING!!!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  • My first hint that I might not be re-ordering was the caution on the package to “wash hands with soap and water” after handling the treats. I’ve never seen that before. Hmm. The things inside the container looked like some kind of circus side-show of the treat world. They smell strange, and look like butcher-store offal.

    I understand that dog treats come from the discarded parts of animals, but this product makes it very clear that these are nowhere near what we normally think of as “food.” There were some bits (unidentifiable) that the dog would not eat, though she would eat most of them. She doesn’t seem to be any more enthusiastic about these than any other kind of treat, though.

    And I don’t like carrying a few in my pocket on walks, because some are great big tube-like things and some are tiny stick pieces. And of course then I spend the whole walk wanting to wash my hands. It’s just a strange, creepy assortment, and I don’t think I’ll be getting this product again.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  • Our dogs LOVED these snacks and every time I lifted the bucket to get some out for them, they danced and whined like children waiting for an ice cream truck! I would definitely buy these again and would recommend them to anyone who loves to see their dogs enjoying good, natural treats!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • My pups love these – We will have to order more (by popular demand) 😉
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • My dogs love these things. Alas, so does my sister. I had four of them on the kitchen cabinet when she made one of her unannounced and unwanted visits. With out asking, she grabbed one, ate it and loved it. I was tempted to stop her, but let her finish off the other three. The dogs looked at her rather oddly as they are a bit brighter than she is. Hmmm, perhaps I could use them to house break her….you know, treats for doing right and all that! Just a thought. Anyway, even if you do not have an obnoxious sister, the dogs will live these things anyway. I think I will wait for the next family gathering to break the news to her.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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