Wellness CORE Grain-free Dry Dog Food, Original Recipe, 26-Pound Bag

  • Supports optimal health
  • 100% grain free
  • 5 different quality animal protein sources

Product Description
Wellness CORE Original Formula is for dogs over 1 year who need to maintain optimal daily health. 100% grain free, protein-focused nutrition nothing in excess and everything in balance. Wellness has redefined the world of grain-free, high-protein dog food! CORE Original Formula is a more thoughtful alternative to grain-free diets in the marketplace delivering the meat content consumers are looking for, without the excess fat, calories or minerals their dog doesn’t … More >>

Wellness CORE Grain-free Dry Dog Food, Original Recipe, 26-Pound Bag

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5 Responses to “Wellness CORE Grain-free Dry Dog Food, Original Recipe, 26-Pound Bag”

  • My dog and foster dogs have done well on this food. It is the best priced quality grain free food there is to my knowledge. Amazon’s price beats my local stores (including Petco when you factor in the sales tax I pay when I buy in the store). As an Amazon prime customer I was thrilled to see this included in free 2 day shipping- absolutely can’t beat this deal!

    Amazon shipped it in a cardboard box about the same size as the bag and it arrived with the box looking quite the worse for wear. Since Wellness comes in a Mylar bag the bag itself was fine and I was home so brought it right in. If you were not going to be home when this was delivered and your deliveries are left outside I would be concerned about other animals getting to it. Even with the Mylar bag my dog can rip into this in no time flat and racoons and rats (I live next to a wooded area!) love dog food! Probably not a big deal mid-day but just something to consider. I would not buy food that ships in a paper bag from Amazon- at least not a larger bag (>15lbs) but that is just my experience/opinion. I am thrilled that amazon offers this and would order again from them but will make sure I am home when it is to be delivered.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • My Boxers had HORRIBLE gas while on Science Diet & Royal Canin Boxer Formula. I switched to Wellness CORE & now there is no more gas. Their coats are nice & soft, they have lots of energy, they enjoy eating it, and I can breathe freely. :o)

    I highly recommend this dog food.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Wellness CORE Grain-free Dry Dog Food, Original Recipe is a wonderful product. I have a German Sheppard guide dog and she has allergies to rice, it was hard finding products that didn’t contain any rice or grain products. I tried the Wellness Core and my dog loved it and had no stomach distress.

    It cost approximately $9.00 less than what I paid at the store, and no shipping charge. However on my second purchase they wanted to charge a shipping fee of $10.00. Needless to say I went to the store to purchase it.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Since I switched my dog to wellness, he has had no digestive, coat or allergy problems. You do not see dogs running into a field to eat an ear of corn, so why do we feed them dog food primarily made from it? They are not vegetarians. He is happy and energetic. I’ve tried several different grain free foods and he loves this one the best.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • We switched from wellness puppy to wellness core and our boxers just love the taste. It not only has great taste, but the ingredients are pure and so healthy for dogs. We noticed a signifiant decrease to their flatulance and their coats are so shiny! Definately recommend to anyone who considers their dogs health above a bargain priced dog food at the supermarket.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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