Kyjen Hide-A-Bird Puzzle Plush Intercative Dog Toy, Large

  • Eliminates boredom
  • Develop a dog’s intelligence
  • Fun puzzle solving skills
  • Keeps pet occupied

Product Description
The complete line of Plush Puppies Puzzle Plush Toys will not only keep pets occupied and eliminate boredom, but they also develop a dog’s intelligence and puzzle solving skills. Just insert the balls, toys, or rings into the toy for dogs to remove over and over again. The ideal line of toys to challenge and entertain pets…. More >>

Kyjen Hide-A-Bird Puzzle Plush Intercative Dog Toy, Large

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5 Responses to “Kyjen Hide-A-Bird Puzzle Plush Intercative Dog Toy, Large”

  • This is a review of the Kyjen Hide-a-Bird Puzzle Plush Interactive Dog Toy, Large.

    It is a plush 6″ cube made to look like a birdhouse. It has a 3″ hole in the front and another 3″ hole in the left side. Included are 3 small stuffed plush birds with plastic squeakers.

    My dog is a 2 yo 50 lb Lab guide dog.

    I introduced the toy to her as recommended in the instructions.

    She then placed one paw into one opening and held the birdhouse in place while she stuck her snout into the other opening and pulled the 3 birds out in approximately 5 seconds. We repeated the process, got the same results, and this time she almost extracted the squeaker from one of the birds in the 15 seconds before I took it away from her.

    My rating is based on the accuracy of the “Product Features” as listed in this product page on Amazon.

    -Eliminates boredom (1 star: Eliminated boredom for 5 seconds).

    -Develop a dog’s intelligence (1 star: My dog does not appear to be more intelligent after our interaction with this toy).

    -Fun puzzle solving skills (1 star: Insert paw, insert snout, remove birds. Is that a puzzle?)

    -Keeps pet occupied (1 star: Kept pet occupied for 5 seconds. Add 3x 15 seconds if dog is allowed to shred the birds).
    Rating: 1 / 5

  • my dog loves this so much i bought her the hide a bee also. keeps her busy!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Our puppy just LOVES his new bird house. It is like having 4 toys in one! His favorite is the house itself, which he finds fascinating. He loves to carry it around the house even though it sometimes blocks his vision and he ends up running into stuff. =) So silly.

    I plan on getting him more “Hide-A” type toys in the future. This was one of the best purchases!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Our black lab loves birds and each spring when the birdies come to make their home in our two bird houses in our back yard way on top of the teatherball poll she keeps watch. When they take their first flight and land on the ground she is right on it and usually gets them and then puts them on the sidewalk for us to see. Thus, the Hide-a-bird is her new favorite toy. She plays with it by herself but usually wants us to play with her. The toy is holding up well. The fur is getting matted because she has it in her mouth so much that it gets wet with all the slobber. Her best loved toys are matted. None of the seams are tearing open. She has the Platapos with eggs by this same company and she loves it too.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • My pups received this & I cringed, thinking that it would not last long with two dog tugging at each piece. I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw them sharing and LOVING the hunt for the birds in the birdhouse! They spend their time pulling the birds out again & again & the toy is rugged enough to handle it. They’ve had it for months now & it is in new shape! I recommend this to anyone who is trying to occupy their pup’s time with fun & smiles!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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